Going to Pot

It’s Colorado, but not that kind of pot.  I mean that I sunk about a dozen daylilies from my walkway garden into buried pots.  I look at the fans and they look so sad compared to the daylilies in pots around the yard.  So, that made me consider bloom rate (and volume) of pot vs in the soil daylilies. I figured out my bloom rate in the pots is 70% +. My overall bloom rate is going to be around 50%.  The pots have better bud count, too.  So, we will see what spring 2018 brings.

So, believe it or not, I had two new faces today.  First off, Fairytale Pink.  I love the color and shape of this one.  It needs a pot when it is done with its few buds.


Next is a cute little red miniature and I have no clue on the name.  It is one I rescued from the shady garden near the back fence last year.  I put those in before I knew this much about daylilies, so did not keep track of names.  It is cute.  I’ll have to research it, I guess.  Maybe it is a Ruby Stella?


Well, I must be running out of new faces . . . but I do have scapes around on a few that are still small.  So, who knows.  I am working around the ones with scapes for now on the potting.  So far, I have about 20 that bloomed last year that didn’t bloom this year.  And, I have about the same number that bloomed this year and not last year.  Last year, I spent so much time mulching and fertilizing each walkway garden daylily, but the grass and other flowers liked the treat as well as the daylilies.  I have daisies and blue bells that are invasive.  And so, I will go broke buying plastic pots!

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