Free Lily!

Remember the movie “Free Willy” about the orcha whale who was trapped in a theme park?  Well, today I played the part of the person who had a plan to free Willy.  I freed another 8 daylilies from the fray of my garden soil.  “Be above it,” I tell them.  And, hopefully having an individual ecosystem will help them to thrive with a soil line a couple inches above the garden.  It is amazing just how much stuff is growing out of their roots underneath.

You won’t believe this, but I had a new bloom today.  Adios Albuquerque had its first bloom ever here, out in my Southwestern Garden.  It does not have a high bud count this year, but the plant is huge.  I live is some fear that I may be doing the container trick in that garden next year if it works.  Sigh.


Oh, and I think I figured out the little, unnamed flower from yesterday is Pardon Me.  I recall buying one by that name for one of the little gardens a few years back.  And, this one looks like it could be a match.  Check out yesterday’s bloom (first) and the bloom from the internet.


Pardon Me

It feels like the work of preparing for fall has already started.  But, next weekend I hope to be camping.  Really, want to do most the transplanting at least 6 weeks before freeze.  Plus, I have to divide up some of the existing pots, as the most common reason for no bloom is crowding by new daylily fans.  I guess some of my friends will be getting free lilies 🙂 PS, I sincerely hope that next year is not as much work once the pots are in . . .

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