I was downloading photos from my camera tonight and had to laugh that the first 5 or 6 were horribly out-of-focus.  Must have been Monday!  The first photo is Mini Pearl – I was trying to catch a bee on her.  No luck, but the focus is kinda cool.  (Little Cadet – in focus.)


Daylilies give a focus to my life for several months every year.  Not the only focus, but a creative focus.  Now, work is more structured and less creative.  I crave my time with the colors.  One woman walked by yesterday and says she choose this route so she can see which lily blooms next.  Yea, me too! (Black Eyed Susan is putting on a good show.)


Nothing new in bloom today – and not much cued-up.  I’m featuring my golden blooms with eyes today, I guess.   The season winds down a bit, and I am sad by the number of blooms I did not see this year.  Fol de Rol dropped its bud.  Why?  It is hard to be a farmer.  (Indian Sky paints the front lawn today.)


I did order pots – lotsa pots – from Amazon.  Digging and transplanting kills much of a chance for reblooms.  But, making the plants stronger this season will build blooms for the next.  And, that’s my focus.  PS – Two of the three featured blooms today are in pots!

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