After the Rain

The rain came and brought a new bloom – Classy Lady.  She is another one I got to get a better rate on postage.   I believe she was an early Lily Auction purchase.  Two years in a row, she has been a one-bud-wonder.  It is a great flower, though.


The peak will soon drop to a handful of blooms a day.  Last year, they went into November.  That’s right . . . November.  My bud count has just not been predictive of rebloomers this year.  I do have 5 late bloomers with scapes, some are new scapes.  But, that is about it for predicted new faces.

So, I got 3 different delivery carriers bringing me pots from Amazon today.  It was actually a decent deal and I could do some chosen colors in numbers to make it kind of cool.  On split shift, I got 9 more plants moved to pots.  They were in the most troubled spot in the yard.  Of the 9, five bloomed a couple of times.  The rest were quiet.

The pots will be easier to keep moist and fertilize, etc.  The only problem is that I now have mixed pots with ones in the soil that have scapes.  I need to keep the bloomers watered, but not over water the pots.  This should be interesting 🙂

Speaking of pots, I decided that I would grow my garlic for next year in 6-inch pots.  Those, too, have not thrived in my root-laden soil like they should.  So my pot color scheme is turquoise and purple mostly.  Some earth colors and maroon.  The garlic will be similar.  My veggie garden was a little of everything – I thought that would be fun with lots of different colors.

The whole thing makes me amazed that the Anasazi could grow corn and stuff here.  Like, I have sprinklers and I still have issues.

I think the next new bloom will be tiger kitten.  Tomorrow? Who knows?

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