They’re Back!

OK, so I said I would try to focus on new blooms for this blog . . . and that works during peak.  As that falls off, the focus will need to shift in order to keep the blog alive through the summer and early fall.  There are tons of possibilities . . . colors, shapes, etc.

For tonight, the focus in these two awesome rebloomers – Pink & Cream and Yellow Punch. I rarely buy Big Box daylilies, but I was in the mood for more color in early June, and these added some spice to the yellow trumpets.  And, so they finished but now they are back.



They are offspring of Stella de Oro, but I like them a lot better.  They were marketed as better rebloomers than Stella, and this year in my yard that is 100% true.  Maybe these two will be my last daylilies of the year.  Oh, I have younger scapes on a few . . . Pizza Crust, Western Sandstone, Nearly Wild, Heirloom Heaven.  But, these could keep coming back.  Until today, the last bloom for Pink and Cream was late June.  And, yea, they live in pots.

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