Summer Icicles in the Desert

The daylily potting project in the front yard nears completion.  I am exhausted.  Four more today.  Silly me, I promised myself a new daylily if I got this far.  LOL.  I like to go about now and find the late bloomers 🙂   I think once my bloom rate is up, I won’t want to go.  It is just too much like the day after Christmas when the daylilies stop blooming.

So, Desert Icicle bloomed today.  Another Ned Robert’s spider.   I think I’ll have some Neds tomorrow, too, I think.


Oh, and Anasazi, that I have had for 2 years, is putting out a scape.  It is an early bloomer, so I wonder if it is really Anasazi.  I guess we will see in a couple weeks or so.  Despite the low bud count, I have made some progress with some of them.  Mostly the potted ones 🙂


In addition to the potting project, I separated a fan of both Canyon Colors and Mesa Verde and put them in the Southwest Garden.  I am now declaring that garden full!!  With the garden fence (to slow down the solar light thief), it is hard to work in there.  There are a fair number of roots out there, too.  Trees, mostly.  I am going to be putting some of the strugglers in pots, but without bottoms.  Maybe try a couple in real pots, too. They need room without competition.  Pioneering.

Weekends are always too short.  Camping next weekend.  The following, I need to get the roots dug for my work friends.  I got a couple yesterday.  But, I still need to wash the roots.

Sometimes, I feel guilty about this hobby.  It soaks up a lot of money when I do major projects.  But, you know, I could be a skier or something. It is really the only hobby (at this scale) that I have ever had.  Tomorrow, I am guessing there will be more pictures to take.

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