Daylily Legacy

Perhaps it is all the digging and paying for pots for almost every daylily in my yard, but for the first time I feel like I have too many daylilies.  I never thought this day would come.  I even think the yard looks a bit cluttered with pots now that there are pots buried in the flower beds.  I have an idea for a daylily “shelf” in the front yard to break it up a bit.  Next year.


I have wondered what I will do when my favorites from the Southwest garden need to be divided – will I give away some of my others to make room for more than one in my yard?  I have so many ones that were free gifts . . . now they seem like part of my summer, so I feel bonded.  I honestly am overwhelmed.  Next year, I hope to be digging more flowers not more dirt.


So, I ordered one more today . . . and, honestly, it is almost nauseating to me to be buying more cultivators now.  But, if I have any legacy in the world of daylily hybridizers, it is that I suggested a name and someone ran with it!  It was back when the “Show me your stethoscope” deal was happening.  I suggested “Nurse’s Stethoscope”.  One of the hybridizers was a medical professional . . . and she liked it.  It is a beautiful daylily, and I paid more than I normally do for a plant.  I have no idea where I will put it, either.  Oh, boy, another pot!  But, you know, it also seems like I should have it in my collection.  And, that is it . . . the inn is full.  I will be building the “shelf” come spring!


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