It’s Late

Camping weekend, but still time for an afternoon of fun putting daylilies in underground pots.  My carpal tunnel is acting up from the trowel, my back hurts from the shovel.  So, I switch back and forth.  Five more moved.  I have 7 more pots – so that is all I am doing this fall.  I should be done by next weekend.  In fact, the whole fall daylily thing should be wrapping up soon.  I prefer the blooms to the digging.  And, having more time to savor camping.  🙂

Here are a few from the last few days.

Coral Taco, Heirloom Heaven, Pink and Cream, Passionate Returns, Indian Sky




And – Three weeks after I discovered the scape, Anasazi is looking ready to bloom.  Now, how cool if a flower with that name blooms on the eclipse day?  I need to sleep first!

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