Water, the giver of life.  Usually.  I watch Hurricane Harvey and think of my days living in Galveston, Texas.  Eighteen years ago?  Where did the time go?  Well, anyway, those days taught about having so much water that it becomes life threatening.  Tonight, my thoughts are with those affected by the storm.



Coral Taco


I live in the desert, so our rain is never close to what they get on the Gulf Coast. Generally, my daylilies beg for more water, not less.  Still, I hold my breath as I try both pots and a drip system in the Southwestern garden.  I worry that they are too dry.  I worry that they are too wet and going to get root rot.  I have 3 makes of pots out there, too . . . so one may be OK and the other not.  In the spring, I will put them all in plastic pots with drainage inserts = that should also keep the tree roots out.  If they all survive the storm.



Passionate Returns


Water.  Life giving.  Most of the time.



Yellow Punch


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