A Shoebox of Adobe

The way the story was told to me, the Ute Indians put a curse on white men way back when because of how they were treated by “us”.  The curse was that you had to take a shoebox of our adobe clay earth with you when you left or you were destined to always return.  I thought maybe the yucca I planted in the stuff might suffice, but I guess not because I have been back for 12 years.


SW garden after pots.jpg

Each daylily now sits in a buried pot.


I think of the curse as I dig in my Southwestern garden, installing buried pots for most of the daylilies.  That stuff is nasty.  My poor yucca – it never looked good when it was planted in that stuff.  It is either clay or cement . . . no in between.  And, I don’t water houseplants that much.  Cement.



My only bloom today: Passionate Returns


Today, I finished what I plan to finish this year as far as buried pots in the Southwest garden.  I count close to 70 pots out there.  And, 50+ in the front garden – but that is easier.  Way easier.  Now, it is musical daylily pots . . . the big decorative ones.  I literally had to figure out which one I needed to start with so the right pots would be empty for the next step.  But, this is comparatively easy work.  It should move fast.  Then, extend the side yard drip system for pots I am putting out there this year.  Finally, mulch the Southwestern garden.  Then, other than a few side duties, I can put this year to bed.  In a shoebox.  I can’t wait to hike in the desert canyons this fall.  It seems like years since spring.

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