Last summer, I put most of my daylilies in buried bots. Over 100 daylilies. But clay soil and tree roots were issues not to be ignored if I was to improve my poor bloom rate. I simply looked at the difference in size between pots and ground. I also put down soak hose and chopped down one off the trees. It was a lot of work. I broke a rib.

It was months of waiting to see if it all made a difference. So far, the plants mostly look bigger. A couple were lost, and two look like bugs or something have made them sick. The real difference is that I have 10 plants with scapes put in the southwest garden. 10! I think I only got a dozen scapes all last summer out there. I’m pretty jazzed. First blooms are maybe 2 weeks away. I think Kokopelli, maybe. Stay tuned.

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