It’s Almost Daylily Season!

Maybe even tomorrow!  Kokopelli is busting at the seams – so soon, for sure.

It is interesting to watch the variables at work.  Last year, Kokopelli bloomed on June 21st.  Almost 3 weeks early this year.  Why?  Is it that she is in a buried pot?  Is it the new soak hose watering system? Is it the lack of one tree what was blocking light?  Is it the extreme drought that has been upon us since last fall (and winter watering)?   Is it just that she is older?  Who knows?

Kokopelli bud 6/2/2018

Last year, my new Lowes daylilies (Stella offspring) gave my first bloom.  Then, my old Stella,  Then Return a Smile.  My Stella offspring do not have scapes yet, but the other two have early ones.

Another big shift this year is 20 daylilies with scapes in my Southwestern garden . . . already.  Last year, I don’t think I got that many blooms all season.  So, something I did shifted the ecosystem . . . or the extreme drought.  Or, the plants are just more mature.  Or, a combo.  I vote for the latter.  Here are a couple of comparison shots – a year apart late May/early April.  Bigger plants!

Southwest Daylily Patch: End of April, 2017

Southwest Daylily Patch: Early May, 2018


Bets on a bloom greeting me tomorrow?



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