Yoga in the Garden

It is that time of year where one of the first things I think of when I start to wake is the daylilies.  Is anything in bloom?  I try to assess scapes the night before so I have some idea . . . but it is always a surprise to see which ones actually opened.


Next, I get up and do maybe 30 minutes of watering and spraying of my orchids . . . my winter daylilies that get kind of needy at 6% humidity.  I have 2 big vanda orchids that I water twice a day.  Actually, soak the bare roots that hang in a glass vase is more like it.  I grow mainly in water culture for my phals, so I check every AM for new roots while I spray the existing roots.  I have an orchid growing area outside – and those orchids all look dry enough that tomorrow I hook up a misting system.  I only have about 4 dozen orchids, but in the AM it feels like a million.  I keep hoping that once they fully adapt to water culture that they will be a bit easier. I’ll never have 170 orchids . . . just take too much time to nurture in the desert.

Next, it is off to photograph my daylilies.  That is what I call yoga in the garden because I have a little garden fence around the Southwest Garden and I have to step over it onto one of the stepping stones to take some of the photos.  I am sure some of my poses are pretty ridiculous.  Of course, about that time someone walks by and starts talking to me about the garden.  I am trying to hold the pose and look graceful.

Today, Dream Keeper was the only bloomer.  A few new scapes every day around the yard.  It is pretty exciting.  As for tomorrow, I am not sure if I will have any blooms.  Maybe a Stella or Kokopelli or Dream Keeper.  Maybe not.


Dream Keeper 6/6/18

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