A watched pot . . .

A watched pot never boils, they say.  And watched daylilies don’t bloom . . . until you go camping.  Friday, I had 4 in bloom.  Saturday, it was 5.  Today, back down to 1.  I guess the advantage orchids have over daylilies is that the blooms last months.  Still, I think my first love is the daylilies.

Here are the Friday Four (Dream Keeper bloomed Friday and today):


Dream Keeper


Passionate Returns


Stella de Oro


Saratoga Springtime

I think I will have a few more tomorrow – Treasure of the Southwest is half opened, already!  And, I have 30 scapes (bud spikes) in the Southwest Garden now.  I will finally get to see some of these blooms!  It has been a wait!

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