Daylily peak is just around the corner . . . many ripe buds in the Walkway Garden now.  Honestly, it is a bit daunting to photograph them all and do this job when I worked 12 hours today.  First of the month is busy, especially when there is a holiday involved.

I noticed My Memories on Facebook today with some interest.  Last year, I posted 19 cultivators in bloom this day.  In 2016, it was three.  In 2015 and 2014, it was one.  2014 was the first year that I posted photos daily to Facebook.  Today, it was 35!  It is like an exponential deal, a little.  I think this year is enough to let me know I have enough!  I have had 67 cultivators this year – 38% bloom rate.  The total bloom rate for all of 2017 was 47%.  To get to that number we need 79 cultivators.  That is 12 more.  I guestimated it would happen on July 4th.  That’s 12 more in 2 days.  Might happen . . . let’s see.

So, today we added 3 to our total.  The first one is my biggest daylily of all – Dream Catcher.  She was one of my 3 pilot daylilies in the Southwest Garden.  I am not sure why she loves her spot so much, but she is big and puts on quite a show. She is another Ned Roberts spider – and related to Dream Keeper!


The Walkway Garden is my oldest daylily garden – and some of the faces have been around for several years.  Prelude to Love is one of them.  I know exactly where her spot is and what she looks like.



The last one for this July 2nd is Isaac.  He is in the family garden – for my grandson, Isaac.  A pretty yellow flower that is a bit different shape than the standard trumpet – and bigger.  I was hoping for more than one scape.  Oh well, last year I only had one bud.  This flower brings hope that someday Isaac might be part of my life.  It will take more than hope alone to make this dream come true. For today, I have a special flower.


Tomorrow, I am off to the lab early for a bunch of tests.  But, first, I will try to photograph a whole bunch of blooms that I am pretty sure will be waiting for me.

Today’s other blooms were Happy Hopi, Hopi Jewel, Black Arrowhead, Black Ice, Comanche Princess, Papa Long Legs, Canyon Colors, Bluegrass Music, The Colorado Kid, Primal Scream, Red Riddle, Purple Mystique, Prairie Blue Eyes, Lady Fingers, Route 66, Pink and Cream, Yellow Punch, Ruby Stella, Jungle Queen, Nurse’s Stethoscope, Inwood, Strutter’s Ball, Return a Smile, Ruby Spider, Funny Valentine, Chaco Canyon, Wild Horses, Soco Gap, Dark Mystery, Happy Returns, Apache Bandana, Laughing Feather, Pueblo Dancer, Cheyenne Eyes, Wineberry Candy, Mini Pearl.  I think that is it.  Too many to keep track of.  And, tomorrow could be worse!

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