Tis the Season!

Oh, man, I jinxed myself.  Last night, I said that we only needed 12 more cultivators to bloom to match last year’s total bloom rate.  We need 79 cultivators total to tie!  My count says we are now at 75.  Last night, we were at 67.  Do the math – we had 8 new cultivators today.  Oh, help.  And, I went and had my labs drawn before work and still got everything photographed.  All we need is 4 more tomorrow – and judging from buds, we will surpass last year’s bloom rate on July 4th!  Last year, we did not have this many different cultivators until November!

So, away we go with new intros.  I had two new Ned Roberts spiders today.  The first one is Taco Twister.  She reminds me of Happy Hopi – guessing they are related.  It is her first bloom ever in my yard.  The Southwest Garden upgrades last year are primarily responsible for the better bloom rate – and Taco Twister is one of the helpers!


Taco Twister 7/3

Shape Shifter also made her first-ever visit today to the Southwest Garden.  She lives up to her name.


Shape Shifter 7/3

The Walkway Garden is starting to pop – so that was where the newest blooms came from.  Most of those are old, familiar faces.  The first one is Mellon Balls.  I have had her a couple years – she was a bonus mini.


Mellon Balls 7/3

Prairie Wildfire is one of my older daylilies that got moved to the Walkway garden a couple years ago and she is so much happier.  Love her red!


Prairie Wildfire

Then there is my sweet little pastel Lullaby Baby.  I have had her several years, too.  Her blooms are much healthier looking now that she is in a pot.


Lullabye Baby 7/3

Pick of the Litter was a bonus daylily a couple years ago – she has been a reliable bloomer even before the pots.  She will do even better this year, I think.


Pick of the Litter 7/3


Black Eyed Susan is in a planter out in the front yard with Stella and Candy Cane Dreams.  She put on quite a show last year, so I can hardly wait.


Black Eyed Susan 7/3


Mildred Mitchell is over in the Blues section of the Walkway Garden.  She is an older cultivator that I added a 2-3 years ago – at the same time as my other near blues.  I like her flair.


Mildred Mitchell 7/3

Other blooms today were Talon, Comanche Princess. Navajo Rodeo, Chokecherry Mountain, Hopi Jewel, Happy Hopi, Zuni Thunderbird, Aztec Firebird, Catherine Irene, Happy Returns, Stephanie Returns, Alabama Jubilee, Stella, Route 66, Ruby Stella, The Colorado Kid, Bluegrass Music, Canyon Colors, Passionate Returns, Early Bird Cardinal, Red Riddle, Lady Fingers, Ruby Spider, Return a Smile, Funny Valentine, Petite Petticoats, Indian Giver, Yellow Punch, Wineberry Candy, Wild Horses,

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