A Wednesday in Your Garden

Wednesday in your garden – it is a song by the Guess Who.  It is kind of a sad song about getting shot down by someone . . . and the person still wants to spend Wednesday in the garden of the shooter.  Funny how we cling to things that hurt us sometimes.

So, two awesome new blooms in the garden this Wednesday.  Twirling Pinata is a cool Ned Roberts spider. She bloomed last year, but struggled after I put her in the pot . . . well, she was already sick.  She did not show up this spring, so I replaced her.  It is cool when a bare rook blooms the first year.

She is a sib (same pod) of Raspberry Propeller . . . in bloom today.  So, here they are side-by-side. (Pinata – L, Propeller – R)


Nearly Wild 7.18

Nearly Wild also gave a first bloom today.  She looks like the original daylily – called Fulva.  Fulva is an invasive ditch lily.  The hybrids are not invasive.  This one clearly bears some genetic resemblance to her ancestor.

Finales today:


Heavenly Curls 7.18


Purple Grasshopper 7.18

And, I forgot to include Mama Cuna yesterday:


Mama Cuna 7.17

That is it, folks.  The word is my exhaustion is the real deal . . . I need to be doing a lot of stuff to fight back and get healthy, again.  After more work-ups to narrow it down so it can get treated.  It’s a permanent deal, most likely.  I am glad for my daylilies because they give my life some focus at a time when everything seems so foggy.  At the same time, they do take a bite of time every day during peak.

Other blooms today: Comanche Princess, Treasure of the Southwest, Dream Catcher, Bluegrass Music, Mildred Mitchell, Blue Beat, Red Riddle, Nosferatu, Prairie Blue Eyes, Canyon Colors, Heron’s Cove, El Desperado, Purple de Oro, Lime Frost, Marque Moon, South Seas, Longlesson Show-off, Lullabye Baby, Lady Fingers, Mini Pearl, Yellow Punch, Pink and Cream, Prelude to Love, Pick of the Litter, Bela Lugosi, Baja, Chorus Line, Lacy Doily, Return a Smile, Ruby Spider, Bold Tiger, Black-Eyed Susan, Indian Sky, Anasazi, Hesperus, Route 66, Ruby Stella and Strutter’s Ball.  Time for bed.  Past time for bed.

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