Tuesday Afternoon is Neverending!

Today, Tuesday, brought a couple brand new blooms.  Very different daylily characteristics in these two – but some color similarities.  First, another Robert’s spider – Purple Moonrise.  She is big and I don’t have a ton of buds on her.  Looks like some minor insect damage – time to spray, again.  She is big – reminds me of Talon. I can’t find the parentage.


Rosie’s Red was a bonus a year or two ago.  I like her more than a lot of my bonus blooms.  She reminds me of Indian Love Call a little.


Finales from today:

Prairie Wildfire


Just Plum Happy


Wineberry Candy


And, Happy Hopi, this time for sure.


Oh, and the photo at the very top is Heron’s Cove in a splendid massive bloom today.

Alright – other bloomers today (besides those mentioned above: Aztec Firebird, Purple Grasshopper, Dream Catcher, Comanche Princess, Mama Cuna, Comanche Princess, Nosferatu, Cheddar Cheese, El Desperado. Purple de Oro, Longlesson Showoff, Mildred Mitchell, Passionate Returns, Marque Moon, Ruby Spider, Lullabye Baby, Mellon Balls, Stephanie Returns, Mini Pearl, Prelude to Love, Raspberry Propeller, Pick of the Litter, Bella Lugosi, Black Eyed Susan, Anasazi, Red Hot Returns, Prairie Blue Eyes, Lady Fingers, Indian Sky, Hesperus, Route 66, Strutter’s Ball, Nurse’s Stethoscope, Pink and Cream, Heavenly Curls, Bold Tiger.

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