Finale Ally

It is a busy life when I try to add anything.  And, this weekend brought an intense application and the rodeo.  I did it, got both checked off the agenda.  I have been tired all day, through – despite sleeping until 10AM.  So, without further ado, here are the Friday and Saturday finales (see date for the finale date). Our cultivators in bloom are dwindling quickly.  Still, we had over 20 in bloom today.



Purple de Oro 7.27


Aztec Firebird 7.27


Purple Moonrise 7.27


Lime Frost 7.28



Nosferatu 7.28


Twirling Pinata 7.28

My little friends say goodbye.  I think about fall work to enhance bloom, again.  I have a few to put in pots or divide.  My energy is not anything like last summer, where every second of August was spent putting daylilies in buried pots.  Actually, glad I did it last year.  Especially with the drought.  Where on earth did I get that energy?

Other cultivators the past 2 days include: Cherokee Star, Purple Corn Dancer, Purple Thunderbird, Dream Catcher, Mount Echo Sunrise, Chorus Line, Mini Pearl, Hesperus, Ruby Stella, Indian Sky, Orange Vols, Prairie Blue Eyes, Raspberry Propeller, Nearly Wild, El Desperado, Pizza Crust, Marque Moon, South Seas, Baja, Comanche Princess, Pink and Cream, Anasazi, Lady Fingers, Royal Palace Prince, Navajo Curls, Heron’s Cove, Tiger Kitten, Classy Lady, Prelude to Love.

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