Attachment, Separation, and Loss

Today, it is just finales.  Worked today . . . big reorg at work.  Like starting over.  I imagine a lot of chaos before it settles into anything with a rhythm, again.  I’ll lose most the students I have worked with for two years.  Finales remind me of something one of my instructors in midwifery school taught me once – Life is like a placenta: It is all about attachment, separation, and loss.  I am attached to my blooms . . . and then they go away.  Sometimes they are back in a year, and sometimes they don’t bloom every year.  Life is unpredictable.  But, there is a cycle to it.  Can you believe that my poinsettias and amaryllis come in next month to start their rest cycle?  Heavens, time to gear up my bloom closet for the <12 hours of light per day for the poinsettias soon.  They have loved summer in the yard. Hope for a colorful Christmas while the daylilies sleep.



Adios Albuquerque 7.26



Cheddar Cheese 7.26


Mildred Mitchell 7.26


Bold Tiger 7.26

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