Running into the Sun, and I’m Running Behind

It is getting dark earlier. It is really noticeable when you get off 3 hours later than most people.  I get off in time to walk my dogs when it is still light from mid-May to mid-August.  It is probably one of the most depressing parts about working evenings 4 days a week.  Oh, I get to look out my window at the yard during the day all year – and I like that.  But, there is something about getting off after dark.  What most people deal with 3 or 4 months of the year I deal with for 9 months.

So, tis the time for more finales. Six today – oh, how I will miss them.  No late scapes yet that I see.  Hoping by mid to late August we at least have some reblooms.  Darned drought.  For now, the peak is still slowly drifting.  Or, maybe not so slowly.  I love the resilient fall daylilies.



Hesperus 7.30


Prairie Blue Eyes 7.30


Fox Ears 7.30


Apache Uprising 7.30


Lady Fingers 7.30


South Seas 7.30

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