The Company They Keep!

Sorting photos of daylilies . . .  People ask me how I keep them straight.  Well, I don’t always but I generally do OK because I have some systems to help.  First, I have a garden map that I created a couple years ago.  It is awesome, it has circles for each daylily in my Southwest Garden with the color of each daylily.  And, they have letters/numbers.  You can look up the letter/number and see the daylily name with a photo.

The other system is metal markers that have paint pen on them.  Want to know a little secret – if you spray them with engine spray after you paint the name on it stays on for years!!!

So, if one system fails, I have the other.  As I go through old photos, though, there is a system that works even if it has been a while since you took the photo.  Well, look at the company it keeps.  I look for landscaping or other plants.  I look for other daylilies – what is the backdrop.  Usually, I can figure it out.  I did make a couple mistakes on Treasure of the Southwest (confused with Soco Gap) that I need to go back and fix.

It feels good to be sort of caught up.  But, I realize how different this year is as far as photography.  Previous years, I took my phone photos to post on Facebook or if I didn’t have time to download from the camera.  I used the camera to get multiple shots of each bloom – especially new blooms and last blooms.  This year, both the cell and camera only have one photo of each cultivator/day except in a few cases.  That means if the daylily was blooming during my trip, I may only have a photo or two of it for the whole year – half a dozen max.

Perhaps I can enjoy snapping a few more photos now that the trips are done and I have my photosystem for the year up and running.  I had 65 total, today.  The peak is still with us.  Anyway – not quite so many Premiers today.  Here they are:


Apache Uprising 7/22


Marque Moon


Red Hot Returns 7/22


Zuni Eye 7/22


Oh, and my amazing Easter Lily Cactus bloomed today.  Like daylilies, the blooms only last one day.  Enjoy each moment for it will never return.

The First Sunday of August

It was camping weekend, which is good because I need the stress relief.  Work is too busy and I am too exhausted.  So, I returned to an encore – Stella de Oro has been out of bloom for 3 weeks and she is back.  I will just leave her in the roll call.  Our last roll call of 2018. We had 37 in bloom this week.  We had 56 last week and I predicted half as many this week.  Actually – more like 2/3rds.  When you look at all the finales this week (see photos below), I will make the same prediction for next week.  That’s about 18 for the week.  We don’t have many scapes yet, and the ones mostly only have a bloom or two left. Heirloom Heaven, Indian Sky, Pink and Cream, Dream Catcher, and Purple Corn Dancer have some life left in them. I am hoping Passionate Returns, Stephanie Returns, Ruby Stella and Red Hot Returns all return.

Here Goes Roll Call 7/31-8/5:


Anasazi 7.30 – has had finale bloom


Apache Uprising 7.30 – Has had finale bloom


Baja 7.30 – Has had finale bloom


Blue Beat 8.2


Cherokee Star 8.2


Chorus Line 8.5


Classy Lady 7.31 – Has had finale bloom



Comanche Princess 8.2


Dream Catcher 7.30


El Desperado 8.5


Fox Ears 7.30 – Has had finale bloom


Heirloom Heaven 8.2


Heron’s Cove 7.30 – Has had finale bloom


Hesperus 7.30 – Has had finale bloom


Indian Love Call 8.2 – Has had finale bloom


Indian Sky 8.5


Lady Fingers 7.30 – Has had finale bloom


Marque Moon 8.1 – Has had finale bloom


Mini Pearl 8.3


Moon Over Chimayo 8.1 – Has had finale bloom


Navajo Curls 8.1


Nearly Wild 7.31


Orange Vols 8.3


Passionate Returns 7.31 – Has had finale bloom


Pink and Cream 8.1


Pizza Crust 7.30 


Prairie Blue Eyes 7.30 – Has had finale bloom


Purple Corn Dancer 8.5


Purple Thunderbird 8.1 – Has had finale bloom


Rosie’s Red 8.3


Royal Palace Prince 7.30


Ruby Stella 8.3


South Seas 7.30 – Has had finale bloom


Stella 8.5 – Encore bloom today


Tiger Kitten 8.3


Twirling Pinata 7.30 – Has had finale bloom


Yellow Punch 7.31 – Has had finale bloom


Running into the Sun, and I’m Running Behind

It is getting dark earlier. It is really noticeable when you get off 3 hours later than most people.  I get off in time to walk my dogs when it is still light from mid-May to mid-August.  It is probably one of the most depressing parts about working evenings 4 days a week.  Oh, I get to look out my window at the yard during the day all year – and I like that.  But, there is something about getting off after dark.  What most people deal with 3 or 4 months of the year I deal with for 9 months.

So, tis the time for more finales. Six today – oh, how I will miss them.  No late scapes yet that I see.  Hoping by mid to late August we at least have some reblooms.  Darned drought.  For now, the peak is still slowly drifting.  Or, maybe not so slowly.  I love the resilient fall daylilies.



Hesperus 7.30


Prairie Blue Eyes 7.30


Fox Ears 7.30


Apache Uprising 7.30


Lady Fingers 7.30


South Seas 7.30

Last Sunday in July

Wow – It will be August next weekend.  The daylily peak has come and gone.  The cultivators were in the teens today . . . a massive drop off from 2-3 weeks ago.  It is funny how the first 3 weeks of June are slow progress, then it explodes, then it goes to just a few here and there for months.

Today, we had one new cultivator.  Heirloom Heaven bloomed for the first time in 2018.  She is an adorable late-blooming mini.  She is my last unbloomed scape on a cultivator that hasn’t bloomed yet.  This could be it.  It seems like I usually get some August scapes . . . not many, but a handful.  I don’t know with this drought, though.


Heirloom Heaven 7.29

And, I had a rude awakening last night – because Mount Echo Sunrise doesn’t look anything like Mount Echo Sunrise.  I looked at her tag, and she has two.  The other one says Moon over Chimayo . . . and she looks like that one.  So, I assume . . .


Moon over Chimayo 7.27



Lullabye Baby 7.29

Roll Call 7/23-29:


Adios Albuquerque 7.26


Anasazi 7.27


Apache Uprising 7.25


Aztec Firebird 7.27


Baja 7.25


Bela Lugosi 7.24


Blue Beat 7.25


Bluegrass Music 7.24


Bold Tiger 7.23


Cheddar Cheese 7.24


Cherokee Star 7.28


Chorus Line 7.26


Classy Lady 7.27


Comanche Princess 7.28


Dream Catcher (with Navajo Curls) 7.27


El Desperado 7.24


Fox Ears 7.25


Heron’s Cove 7.27


Hesperus 7.25


Indian Love Call 7.24


Indian Sky 7.24


Lady Fingers 7.25


Lime Frost 7.26


Longlesson Show-off 7.23


Marque Moon 7.24


Mildred Mitchell 7.23


Mini Pearl 7.29


Navajo Curls 7.24


Navajo Rodeo 7.23


Nearly Wild 7.28


Nosferatu 7.26


Orange Vols 7.24


Passionate Returns 7.29


Pick of the Litter 7.23


Pink and Cream 7.29


Pizza Crust 7.28


Prairie Blue Eyes 7.28


Prelude to Love 7.25


Purple Corn Dancer 7.26


Purple de Oro 7.24


Purple Moonrise 7.27


Purple Thunderbird 7.26


Raspberry Propeller 7.28


Rosie’s Red 7.23


Route 66 7.26


Royal Palace Prince 7.27


Ruby Stella 7.28


South Seas 7.27


Stephanie Returns 7.23


Tiger Kitten 7.27


Twirling Pinata 7.24


Yellow Punch 7.26

56 for the week . . . that is all!  I bet we are down to half of that by next week.



Christmas in July

Today was Christmas in July and we had 25 cultivators to match that date!  We had a weird work meeting dress-up for the occasion or I doubt I would have noticed.

Anyway – We had a new cultivator in the yard today.  I think this is it for a while and only few more (well, right now only 1 other is in scape) for 2018.  It is odd when ones that bloomed last year are not scaping this year . . . one wonders what motivates a flower to bloom.  Probably not a drought.

So, Apache Uprising bloomed.  She is in the little corner garden in front and I nearly missed her.  She has bloomed for the last 3 summers – I like her deep red color.


Apache Uprising 7.25

Because it is Christmas in July, I will mention Lime Frost bloomed today.  This adds some green to our red and she has a Christmastime name:


Lime Frost 7.25



Prelude to Love 7.25


Bela Lugosi 7.25

Sort of Christmas colors.  I only remember one celebration of Christmas in July . . . and today that makes my heart heavy.  I am especially glad I have flowers to keep me company today.

I have been forgetting other blooms – so here we go: Dream Catcher, Mount Echo Sunrise, Navajo Curls, Purple Corn Dancer, Cherokee Star, Mount Echo Sunrise, Classy Lady, Rosie’s Red, Tiger Kitten, Nearly Wild, Comanche Princess, Marque Moon, South Seas, Baja, Mini Pearl, Lady Fingers, Hesperus, Fox Ears, Ruby Stella, Blue Beat, El Desperado, Heron’s Cove, Purple de Oro.


Where is the Rain?

Today, we were supposed to get a lot of rain.  Maybe flash floods.  I wasn’t sure I would get any work done in the yard on split-shift, but I worked outside the whole afternoon. More on that in a minute.

Today brought 2 new blooms.  Royal Palace Prince was a bonus plant a couple years ago.  It has done better than some of the purchased plants.  It reminds me of Pick of the Litter.


The second new face for the year is Apache Uprising.  It is the second year for this one.  I like the red.  It reminds me of Baja a little.


I also like this photo of some of my last near blues today – Blue Beat, The Colorado Kid, and Bluegrass Music.


I don’t know about a later peak this year.  Bud counts down and buds dropping.  March was warmer than April.  And, we had the late May snow storm . . . then no rain.  Last year was better in the front garden.

I feel like I am freeing hostages.  Daylilies that are not flourishing, but could under different circumstances.  Buried pots in order for several in the front garden.  Today, Catherine Irene and Happy Happy.  Neither has ever bloomed here, and this is going on 3 years.  Others that need a transplant include Alabama Jubilee, Coburg Fright Wig, Navajo Blanket, Primal Scream, Lacy Doily, and Heavenly Curls.  All have had either extremely low bloom this year or have never bloomed.

When I dug up the two today, I was amazed at the other roots that were woven in with theirs.  And, in one case, an ant hill.  The whole front garden looks so dry.  I have the sprinkler on daily.  I need to get a sprinkler hose or something.  I wonder if eventually, all 100 plus of my in-ground daylilies will be in buried pots.  That makes me tired to think about it . . . but it worked well for the veggies.  Come on monsoons.  Where are you?

My Last Ned Roberts Spider :-(

Skinwalker adorned my yard with its last bloom for 2016.  My Ned Roberts and Southwestern named daylily garden is off to a good start.  I had 10 blooms out of that garden this year.  There are 50 or so cultivators out there.  More on that in a minute.


Other late bloomers were Apache Uprising.  I think I have one more bud to go.


And, Yella Stella.  She has a brand new scape, so I am still hopeful to make it to freeze. Plus, Red Hot Returns (sounds like a political statement to me) and Heirloom Heaven have still not bloomed.  Heirloom Heaven is a ways off, too, from the scape size.  September?


OK, so back to my Ned Roberts garden.  I carefully built it over spring break, moving buckets of rocks and pebbles that had been there for decades.  Then, I dug down deeper, a few inches down into the clay soil.  And, I added the brick border.   I then filled it with good soil and water crystals.  Then, I planted the daylilies.

Now, the earth has settled and the roots are too close to the clay for best production, me thinks.  Tomorrow, I gently lift each cultivator up, hopefully without totally dislodging roots, and I fill in with compost, manure, peat, and more good dirt.  Back up to the top of the bricks.  And, then re-mulch it.  Optimistically, that boosts the year two bloom.  I think garden spaces take a while to be fertile.  It took my garlic patch a few seasons.  Good dirt rocks!


Tigers, Skinwalkers, Apaches, and Princes. Oh My!

Yesterday was my first no bloom day since early June.  Today brought several blooms, including my very first Tiger Kitten.



Tiger Kitten – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


And, after a few weeks of deformed Skinwalkers, today comes a picture perfect bloom.  I think the early blooms were premature.  What a great Ned Roberts bloom!



Skinwalker – Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Apache Uprising made a huge show with three blooms.



Apache Uprising – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


And, how awesome it is to see my last two Royal Palace Princes in full bloom.



Royal Palace Prince – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Stella also showed up to meet this crowd in the garden – both my golden and yella Stella.



Yella Stella – Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt




Golden Stella – Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


And, calm little Orange Flurry was present in the background.



Orange Stella – Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


That leaves only two unbloomed cultivators . . .  Heirloom Heaven and Red Hot Returns.  However, that is not bad for mid-August.  And, nine total have unbloomed buds.  Will I make it until freeze?

This weekend, I start the work of fall mulching.  I’m learning more about promoting my rebloomers.  And, so more improvements in store for the future.

Daylily Blooms Last Forever!

Perhaps it is the blog.  Or, perhaps it is painting with my granddaughter a few days ago.  And, maybe it is because I want to keep peak season alive all year.  At any rate, I broke out the paintbrush in an attempt to keep my last Zuni Thunderbird alive forever.  It was fun.  And, it’s been 9 months since I painted one of my cultivators.  That’s too long.  So, I got my fix.



Zuni Thunderbird – Painting by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Frans Hals appeared for the first time since 2014.  I like this older daylily so much that I bought one online only to discover that I had one in my yard from the years when I wasn’t quite this addicted.  I like bi-tone daylilies – I think that they are stunning.



Frans Hals – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Other blooms today in my thinning garden included my last Marque Moon:



Marque Moon – Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Pizza Crust:



Pizza Crust – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Apache Uprising among the Prickley Pear:



Apache Uprising with Prickley Pear Cactus – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


And, Orange Flurry:



Orange Flurry – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


My mind is shifting to fall.  I’ll be a doctor in a little over a month.  I hope that there is a bloom on the day I give my presentation.  That would rock.  If there isn’t, I will still wake up to my favorite blossoms.

Savoring the Four Seasons with Daylilies

Savoring is the art of being in the moment and totally immersing ourselves into an experience.  It means no multi-tasking or thinking about chores.  It also includes planning for experiences, as well as reminiscing about the past good times.

So, today my yard takes on all of the above.  Here are my in the moment blooms:

Apache Uprising:



Apache Unrising – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Royal Palace Prince:



Royal Palace Prince – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Fairy Tale Pink:



Fairy Tale Pink – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Marque Moon:



Marque Moon – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Orange Flurry:



Orange Flurry – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Stella do Oro:



Stella de Oro – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


In savoring the 2016 daylily season, I write this blog.  Last night, I actually looked through every post I made this summer.  It will be so cool to read back on things this winter, while I am painting these beauties.  I have tile paintings of Inwood, Cheddar Cheese and Route 66 in my room.  I said I didn’t want to ever have a day of the year where I didn’t wake up to daylily blooms.  And, so it is.  I cannot wait to add a few paintings of my new Ned Roberts Spiders.

And, that is a perfect segway into savoring through planning.  I have a few interventions for my Ned Roberts garden to start this month.  Things to empower more blooms next year.  Last night, I also found a Ned Roberts spider that is pretty rare on the auction, and put in a bid (it’s under $10).  I got my potted ones planted yesterday . . . the ones that were only temporarily in pots.  And, I fertilized.  It’s all part of beginning to savor next season.

The seasons of savoring daylilies:

Spring: Looking for the baby fans, cleaning out beds, watering on nice days, fertilize a little, early bloomers show-up!

Summer: Bloom fest! Photography and active blogging. Savor each colorful bloom.  Also, water, weeds, insects, and dead-heading.

Fall: Savor the late bloomers. Take time to smell each one.  Begin preparing beds for fall.  Fall planting.  Begin to consider which cultivators will make the best paintings.

Winter: Break out the paints!  Be creative – what new ways can daylilies be painted objects that I see every day during the cold, bleak months?  Paint daylilies on pumpkins.  Hey, what about daylily ornaments?  (I just thought of that one and need to consider how I might accomplish that before Christmas.) I love the daylily solar lights in my garden.  More for this winter, too.  Oh, the list goes on.  And, hey, what about searching for a few rare daylilies to add to my garden in the spring?  Look, winter is the busiest season of savoring of all!