Baker’s Dozen

Ah, the days of lots of Premieres and no Finales in sight. Today saw 13 blooms. A couple works about Navajo Blanket. I got her early in my daylily crazy. Probably 4-5 years ago. Initially, in the dobie soil until I dug a bunch of half dead daylilies up and put them in pots two years ago. This year, I tried a bigger pot. That, plus the rain, and it bloomed this year.

Another little miracle was Ojo de Dios. She died and I replaced her once I had buried pots in. She is big and healthy now.

So, here we go with Premiers;

Navajo Blanket 7/2

Ojo de Dios 7/2

Mesa Verde 7/2

Echo Canyon 7/2

And, Reruns:

Indian Love Call 7/2

Funny Valentine 7/2

Golden Stella de Oro 7/2

Land of Enchantment 7/2

Comanche Princess 7/2

Dream Keeper 7/2

Canyon Colors 7/2

Yellow Punch 7/2

Saratoga Springtime 7/2

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