Staying engaged after the peak

I’m back, but only to catch up on finales since Sunday. Once school starts next week, it seems like the daylilies fade in my mind a little. But, this year I am semi-retired so hoping to stay a bit engaged. Last year, I did that huge 70+ buried pot repotting. That was 4 weekends of work and nearly ran into freeze. So, I suppose you could call that engaged.

This year’s project is to re-organize some of my less favorite/poor bloomers with some new cultivators. I just purchased Singing in the Sunshine, Irish Handshake, Ghost Ranch (more fans because I only have one), Off to See the Wizard, Memories of Oz, Sea Panther, Ruby Slippers, Blue Flirt, Wildwood Flower (mine died a couple years ago), and (maybe) another fan of Coyote Laughs (I am not sure the one I have is actually Coyote Laughs). That is 9 or 10 more, but I will be selling some of mine that I am eliminating. I also may do a big pot of leftovers – I have one that does great! I am amazed because it is soooo crowded.

Chaco Canyon – Finale 8.4. Bloomed from 6.27 to today – good year for this one!
Pizza Crust Finale 8.3
Taco Twister finale 8.4 (today).
Treasure of the Southwest finale 8.3
Dancing Maiden finale 8.2
El Desperado finale 8.2
Indian Sky finale 8.2

I have several with only a few (if that) buds left. I think the closing daylilies this year will be Purple Corn Dancer, Navajo Curls, Purple Thunderbird and Adios Albuquerque. Will they last until September? Will there be an August surprise scape on a non-bloomer?

3 thoughts on “Staying engaged after the peak

  1. John Hric says:

    CK I use a few pots mostly for those extra plants that I want to save and have not found an empty spot. Lately I am switching over to fabric pots. They don’t seem to hold the water and ice on top during the winter. Which is often the reason for loosing the plant. Enjoy the wind down of bloom. I am seeing a few surprise scapes coming up here and there. It has been an odd year. Some plants are unfazed and others are half the height they usually are. And a few that just forgot to bloom. Enjoy.


    • coloradokiddaylilies says:

      My issue with pots is huge tree roots from a very established yard plus horrible “Colorado Plateau ” extremely base soil. I cut big drainage holes and then put weed guard down in the hole before I drop the pot. Nothing works in the ground here. I’ve killed so many plants trying. For the desert, the pots have really helped. Plus, I can move the ones on the easement if needed. Cloth is an interesting approach.

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