The Last of August

I’m sitting in my tent, dosed in natural melatonin. There is cool air . . . It feels nice. Desert camping was hot all but about 2 hours a night. It will get down to 50 or so tonight. Good sleeping weather.

Purple Grasshopper 8.31

This shift also means only 3 blooms today. Honestly, it is a little bit nice to not have a million photos to take. But, I already miss the excitement of checking the garden for Premieres.

Frans Hals 8.31

Today brought travel to the 4-corners region. If you know Colorado, you know that means a drive over the San Juan Mountains. 10 k feet above sea level.

Ruby Stella 8.31

The largest city in the area is Durango and I wanted to see if their nursery had any nice succulents or air plants. The best route is over Red Mountain pass, which is high, curvy and no guard rail. I got vertigo and was sick for 2 days last time I drove it, so I take the longer route now. Adds an hour but oh well. I use to drive Red Mountain in chains in a blizzard at night. Those days are gone.

Animas River 8.31

So, I ended up with 2 bromeliads – one in bloom and one with 2 pups. I also got a small red desert rose (succulent) and another cool succulent. I was thinking of what I read about not having too much variety. The bromeliads are the same family as air plants so they bring familiar features.

My new baby red Desert Rose 8.31

I want air plants and succulents/cactus to be my core plants. The other major groups I’ll keep are orchids, begonias, poinsettias, amaryllis, calathea, African violets. I have a few others, but I’m giving a lot of miscellaneous plants away. Since you can decorate most plants with air plants, that should help blend things in together.

My white Desert Rose in bloom – taken a few days ago.

I have my new plantlets in the hatch covered by a blanket. The bromeliads are far from their natural habitat. The succulents won’t care. No clue what I’m doing tomorrow. It’s a nice problem to have.

Christmas in August: The Ugly Daylily

The blooms thin out way too rapidly this time of the season.  Every day brings another finale or three.  I hung the black-out curtains on the poinsettia bloom closet so I can start forcing them in a couple of weeks.  It’s 90 degrees outside so it doesn’t feel right.  The amaryllis will come in soon, too.  Speaking of amaryllis, Ambience bloomed this weekend.  Well, more like she is blooming.  Unlike daylilies, she takes her time.  She blooms every summer at this time.  I call her the ugly daylily.  Unfortunately, the bugs love her thin blossoms.  But, her color is stunning just the same. She looks like Christmas in August.


Amaryllis Ambience 8.11

Now, back to the real daylilies for the past two days.  I took last night off of the blog . . . needed a break.



Mini Pearl 8.11


Royal Palace Prince 8.11


Tiger Kitten 8.11


Navajo Curls 8.12

Other Saturday and Sunday blooms:


Pink and Cream 8.12


Blue Beat 8.11


Stella de Oro 8.11


Ruby Stella 8.12


Purple Corn Dancer 8.11


Dream Catcher 8.11


Indian Sky 8.11

That’s all folks.  We are headed into the quiet of late August.  No new scapes at this point.  I think we needed monsoon rain for that to happen.


Sick Day Bouquet

Today, I ended up taking half the day off as a sick day.  It makes me feel guilty to write a blog with the smattering of photos I managed this AM.  But, believe me, the 4 hours of hard sleep and other viral symptoms are as real as the beauty of the flower.  My first sick day in the year I have worked there . . . well, almost a year.  I’m sure my crazy shifts in the yard added to the exhaustion.


Of course, there are no new blooms today.  I sort of like the fall in daylily-ville, because you don’t have to look as hard to be sure you didn’t miss one.


This weekend is camping weekend.  I also hope to get the daylily roots washed for my coworkers so I can mail them on Wednesday next week.  I have a few more divisions to do . . . some of my co-workers down South will do better with the evergreens.  I just haven’t gotten that far yet.  And, I have a musical pots thing that needs to happen.  But, before that MORE garden soil to buy.  Jeez.


In thinking of next year, I think I will pull two of my three Stellas completely out of their pots and add divisions of Pink & Cream and Yellow Punch.  They have earned their stripes as pretty rebloomers this year.  The color and shape is better than Stella.


With all these pots, next year I may have a daylily yard sale.  I love to give them away.  And, if the pots do well, I will have more than enough for that.  So, maybe a little one-day sale or something.  I need to think about it.  Anyone with any experience out there?  Or is online better?


For winter, I want to blog more about my poinsettias, orchids, and Amaryllis.  I actually may look at other Christmas bloomers.  I got the coolest Mexican pottery at . . . Walmart.  It was a few weeks ago . . .  amazing prices.  Anyway, thinking of some winter wonder bloomers in there.  Ah, it is time to sleep, again.


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Not many daylilies – Just Stella and her offspring, Pink and Cream.  But, what did catch my eye this AM was that my Amaryllis bloomed . . . mostly.  This guy has been out since it bloomed last Christmas, moved to the garden in May.  So, why it decided to bloom, who knows?


Amaryllis and orchids are the winter blooming houseplants that bring to mind my daylilies.  Fall brings a longing to start dreaming of their blooms.  I wonder if I let this one rest (as usual) for 6 weeks if it will get another bloom?  We will see, I guess.


I did a 12-hour shift with my shovel.  This was less about “flow” and more about grit.  I have 6 more that I want to do tomorrow before I fix-up the soak hose.  I have about 10-12 more to do total. Hopefully, this fall.


Digging up the garden made me a bit sad for the daylilies.  They are pretty shallow-rooted.  Some are too small . . . and that seems to predict lots of roots underneath.  Or, visa versa.   It takes forever because of the clay, roots, and tight spaces.  I decided that the daylilies would either get better, stay the same, or get worse.  Worse would be crown rot or more shrinkage.  The same is the same.  Better would have two possible management plans.  The first would be to leave them in the containers and divide often.  The second would be to see how they do without containers now that they have deeper basements.  Or I could get decorative containers, too.  It is like a research study.  Not so much random assignment . . . but half the garden gets the intervention.  Need to give it time.

Meanwhile, I am beat.  Six more tomorrow, then a break from digging for a bit.  Other than making a few divisons for friends . . . or starting that.  I figure one more full weekend of daylily-ville work.  I can’t wait to be a real person, again!


Upward Spirals

The daylily garden is my happy place.  Gardening brings a feeling of flow – or a loss of self.  And, with daylilies, my optimism, curiosity, creativity, and appreciation of nature strengths kick in, bringing a sense of joy.


And, today must have been extra nice because I managed to take 30 pictures with only 4 cultivators in bloom.  Well, and I snuck in a couple shots of my mini sunflowers, Mexican daylilies (shellflowers), and my confused amaryllis (yes, it is about to bloom in my yard).

It was a nice daylily day, though, despite the small number in bloom.  First of all, Western Sandstone bloomed for the first time ever in my yard.  This one was ordered the first year I was doing roots . . . 2014?  And, so it is a gardener’s triumph!  A pretty one, too.  (pictured below)


So, back to the happy place.  There is some good science that says we need 3 positives for every negative (emotion/event) to flourish.  Or, somewhere around that number. When we flourish, we broaden and build resources.  A month or two ago, I was feeling weighed down in some stuff that was creating an amazing negative spiral out of life.  Having the daylilies to focus on is hugely therapeutic.  No wonder the longest lived populations all garden!!! No wonder we call it “flourishing.”


Tomorrow, maybe Pizza Crust will bring a smile.  Or, my silly amaryllis 🙂