It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Not many daylilies – Just Stella and her offspring, Pink and Cream.  But, what did catch my eye this AM was that my Amaryllis bloomed . . . mostly.  This guy has been out since it bloomed last Christmas, moved to the garden in May.  So, why it decided to bloom, who knows?


Amaryllis and orchids are the winter blooming houseplants that bring to mind my daylilies.  Fall brings a longing to start dreaming of their blooms.  I wonder if I let this one rest (as usual) for 6 weeks if it will get another bloom?  We will see, I guess.


I did a 12-hour shift with my shovel.  This was less about “flow” and more about grit.  I have 6 more that I want to do tomorrow before I fix-up the soak hose.  I have about 10-12 more to do total. Hopefully, this fall.


Digging up the garden made me a bit sad for the daylilies.  They are pretty shallow-rooted.  Some are too small . . . and that seems to predict lots of roots underneath.  Or, visa versa.   It takes forever because of the clay, roots, and tight spaces.  I decided that the daylilies would either get better, stay the same, or get worse.  Worse would be crown rot or more shrinkage.  The same is the same.  Better would have two possible management plans.  The first would be to leave them in the containers and divide often.  The second would be to see how they do without containers now that they have deeper basements.  Or I could get decorative containers, too.  It is like a research study.  Not so much random assignment . . . but half the garden gets the intervention.  Need to give it time.

Meanwhile, I am beat.  Six more tomorrow, then a break from digging for a bit.  Other than making a few divisons for friends . . . or starting that.  I figure one more full weekend of daylily-ville work.  I can’t wait to be a real person, again!


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