Sick Day Bouquet

Today, I ended up taking half the day off as a sick day.  It makes me feel guilty to write a blog with the smattering of photos I managed this AM.  But, believe me, the 4 hours of hard sleep and other viral symptoms are as real as the beauty of the flower.  My first sick day in the year I have worked there . . . well, almost a year.  I’m sure my crazy shifts in the yard added to the exhaustion.


Of course, there are no new blooms today.  I sort of like the fall in daylily-ville, because you don’t have to look as hard to be sure you didn’t miss one.


This weekend is camping weekend.  I also hope to get the daylily roots washed for my coworkers so I can mail them on Wednesday next week.  I have a few more divisions to do . . . some of my co-workers down South will do better with the evergreens.  I just haven’t gotten that far yet.  And, I have a musical pots thing that needs to happen.  But, before that MORE garden soil to buy.  Jeez.


In thinking of next year, I think I will pull two of my three Stellas completely out of their pots and add divisions of Pink & Cream and Yellow Punch.  They have earned their stripes as pretty rebloomers this year.  The color and shape is better than Stella.


With all these pots, next year I may have a daylily yard sale.  I love to give them away.  And, if the pots do well, I will have more than enough for that.  So, maybe a little one-day sale or something.  I need to think about it.  Anyone with any experience out there?  Or is online better?


For winter, I want to blog more about my poinsettias, orchids, and Amaryllis.  I actually may look at other Christmas bloomers.  I got the coolest Mexican pottery at . . . Walmart.  It was a few weeks ago . . .  amazing prices.  Anyway, thinking of some winter wonder bloomers in there.  Ah, it is time to sleep, again.


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