Few things are more stunning than daylilies, but . . .

I have had a busy weekend revamping my back porch.  This is the place that my evergreens spend 3 months of the winter.  Spring and fall are temperate in the south-facing fiberglass lean-to style porch.  So, why not have a place to sit and pretend it’s spring?

At any rate, when I did get a chance to go get some pictures of flowers, I was focused on a gorgeous bouquet of Ruby Spider and Return a Smile, when something caught my eye.  It was a bloom on my Easter Lily Cactus.  I brought it home from the Senora a couple months ago.  It’s bloom buds fell off in the colder weather – but I guess we are Senora hot now.


New to the yard for this year (and doing much better than last year) is Strutter’s Ball.  A common daylily, but still a favorite big purple-red bloom.


With my work schedule this year, I am sticking primarily with new blooms for photos.  I had 7 varieties in bloom in the yard today.  I take photos, but don’t have time for posting more than I do.  So, please enjoy these two beauties.

PS – I named my back porch the Senora Room!

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