Valentine’s Day: The Day Before Solstice

What an interesting year.  Lots of blooms and lots of work hours.  Finding whatever balance there is in the mix.  So different from last year.  Time and money . . . sort of.  So, limiting to new blooms despite a dozen cool photos of seven different daylilies is like narrowing a doctoral project topic.  So much cool stuff, but only so much time.

So, today was the first bloom of Funny Valentine.  Last year, she did not like her location and she gave me only a couple scrawny blooms.  Funny what improving drainage, sun, and water can do for a daylily.  Always a few out there that are not happy.  You tweak, you hope.  And, sometimes they send you Funny Valentines.  Tomorrow, Kokopelli for Solstice, perhaps.  Turning winter to summer, that’s what Kokopellis and Solsti do.


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