Kokopelli brings the summer!

Kokopelli is a Hopi word meaning wooden backed.  The Kokopelli is truly a legend of the Southwest.  Lots of folklore. . . the character who changes winter to spring.  And today, Solstice, brings the blooms. The equinox and solstice were both amazingly powerful in the Anasazi culture.  Back on the equinox, Kokopelli was one of my first daylilies to show its fans.


With my love of the Southwest and spider daylilies, a bloom with this name surely caught my eye.  My first purchase on the lily auction.  The start of my Southwest garden. Still a gamble of a biology project.

I am in awe at how perfect this first bloom looks.  Last year’s first blooms were a little scraggly.  I put it in in Fall 2015, the same year I started my doctorate.  I guess we are both more established now.

Not sure on new faces in the garden tomorrow.  I think next up is Jungle Queen. Sometime this week.

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