Savoring is a concept that I learned about over a decade ago as a student of positive psychology.  Savoring is what I do in the garden every morning – I immerse myself in the color and shape of each bloom. It is a sense of awe, really.  And, fall seems to turn up the volume of appreciation for each bloom.  July feels almost rushed to get photos of each flower . . . but August slows it down enough to notice each individual bloom.

It is almost funny that today brought two new faces.  I only have three unbloomed (for 2017) cultivators left to bloom now.  Today brought an old favorite, Heirloom Heaven.  A sweet, petite late bloomer.


And, it brought the first Passionate Returns (except the one that I missed Saturday).  This is a new plant just a couple weeks ago when I was craving some more late bloomers.  I love the color and the ruffles.


Now, it is fall chores.  This year, that is a lot due to the decision to put almost everyone in pots of some sort.  I’m maybe 2/3 finished.  Then, I have several that need to be divided and given to friends/coworkers.  I have turned into a serious hobbiest, and the transition is a bit painful at times.   I am hopeful that next year will be easier.  More time to savor.


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