Today was quiet in the yard.  Four blooms.  Cool, rainy.  Shifting seasons in the air.  It is good to see the new growth on the daylilies I put in pots a couple of weeks ago.  There is no doubt they look healthier.


I walked by Fairy Tale Pink and saw her shrinking fans under those invasive blue bells.  I stopped to put her in a pot before the dog walk.  I’m out of potting soil, again.  More, tomorrow.


I sincerely hope I never have to put this many buried pots in any place ever again.   The veggie garden was the worse.  The Southwestern garden is more of a challenge than the front.  At least as far as big roots.  The invasive blue bells are in all the roots out front.  A woman at the farmer’s market last weekend says they probably have something in their roots that inhibits the growth of other plants.  I have to do a procedure where I paint the weeds that appear in the pots with herbicide.  After all the pots are in the ground, that is.  I hope the bloom next year is worth it!   Oh, life on the Colorado Plateau!

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