Peace in the Garden

The garden was cool this AM when I got up to look what was in bloom.  I needed a fleece to stay comfortable.  The scattered blooms took forever to open.   Stella has returned, after 2 months of rest.  I got Stellas last year so that I would have blooms all summer, and it has been disappointing.  I probably need to divide more often.


I like my big box Pink and Cream that has been in bloom much more frequently and is prettier – a nice offspring. It will need to be divided in the spring, for sure!


And, fun with flower photos is turning into dances with shovels.  Today, 8 more put in some sort of pot.  The Southwest garden is hard work . . . clay and tree roots.  And, odd shaped working space for digging holes.  So many left to go.  I have the worst corner done now. That’s a bit of progress.  Every time I think I have foiled my desert garden, I end up re-doing it a couple years later.  Because, when you add water and fertilizer, the natives want first dibs!

Somehow, this Gordon Lightfoot song has been going through my head all day:

There’s peace in the garden
There’s peace in the air
Peace in the sound of the river
There’s peace in the meadow
The sun shines like gold
And if she were with me
There’d be peace in my soul 

Tomorrow, maybe I’ll talk about the upward spirals from time with my daylilies.  I may have my first Western Sandstone tomorrow!

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