Double or Nothing

Anasazi is turning out to be a delightful addition to my late bloomers.  She is producing a lot of double blooms.  I only have a couple other doubles, and neither bloomed this year. She was my only flower today . . . otherwise, nothing.


Today, I did the musical pots task.  It was hot, too – 91.  But, it is finished.  No more big digging projects this year.  I up-potted Mesa Verde and Canyon Colors – the size of their root balls was amazing.  I feel sort of sad for the daylilies in the Southwest garden – those pots will be easy to outgrow.  Still, more space than now.  Who knows what ideas I will have for the future?


I also got the drip system rigged up for the border garden pots.  That will go on with the soak hose.  I hope there is enough sun out there.  Oh, who knows what a couple years will bring?  All I know is that another season is winding down . . . yet, so many of the daylilies look so happy to have a chance to grow in good soil with better water retention. The Colorado Plateau has sunshine going for it, though. As long as there aren’t trees in the way, that is.


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