A little help from my friends

Daylilies bring positive emotion to most folks.  The bright colors are engaging and awe inspiring.  This year, I gave daylilies away to friends and coworkers.  I gave them away at some cost to myself.  Next year, I think I may try to sell some of my daylily offspring to offset the costs of my hobby.



Passionate Returns


This year, though, I chose to give them.  At first, I was just wanting to thin mine so they would do better in the pots.  So, I found takers.  The very cool side effect was seeing friends I had not seen for a while.  One coworker even came to Montrose to pick hers up (well, amongst other errands here).  Wow, makes me wish I lived closer to Colorado Springs where the Daylily Society meetings are.  Life can be isolated in rural America.


Broadening and building resources means keeping our ratios of positivity high.  That helps us reach out to others, thus forming networks of resilience.  I need to be working on that ratio right now.  My job requires an attitude of positivity, always.  It is business, 100%.  That means I need to surround myself in a garden of supportive friends.  The daylilies are a start.

PS – I loved the red yucca pods (above).  They add a fall touch to the yard as the daylilies dwindle,

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