Many Blessings

It nears September.  Today, I did musical Amaryllis pots.  Some of my bulbs are 4 feet tall now.  Never doubt that you get more plant if you buy from a nursery vs big box or grocery store.  They are a cool addition to the landscape.  In pots, of course.  I can’t believe it is nearly time to bring them in to hibernate for a bit.  And, my two poinsettias will be a pain to get into bloom, again.  But, I am up for it.



Stella de Oro


And, so I am beginning to plan past daylily season.  I hope to have blooms through September.  Maybe, if another scape appears, they will go into October.   It happened last year . . . into November.  I await my last addition . . . Nurse’s Stethoscope.  I have her pot ready.  As soon as the weird weather passes Kentucky, she will be on her way.



Passionate Returns


It is time to blog less.  I am ready to watch some videos in the evening.  I am taking steps to decide what my new steps will be.  I hope I can get my orchids to bloom this winter! And, keep my new azalea blooming.  I hope this winter brings many blessings.  We shall see.  No matter what, the blooms will help.



Yellow Punch


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