Southwestern Treasures

Manic Monday is manic during daylily season.  I get up and take care of orchids, take daylily photos.  I want to start jogging in the morning, but dealing with some exhaustion issues already.

Anyway, today Treasure of the Southwest bloomed for the first time in my yard.  This cultivator has a story.  She was a bonus plant 2 years ago when I first built the Southwestern Garden.  And, she arrived with 2 scapes.  I planted her and waited for blooms, but they dried up in our low humidity.  She grew big and last year, I was sure she would bloom, but she stayed quiet.  This year, I finally get to see her.


Treasure of the Southwest

Other blooms were as follows:


Passionate Returns


Saratoga Springtime

I remember when the first daylily in my yard usually bloomed around the solstice.  More varieties mean more months of blooms.  I have several that are close to bloom . . . in the next week.  Many of these I have never seen because of my low bloom rate the first two years of the Southwestern Garden.  I should triple my bloom rate in the Southwest garden at a minimum.  I hope to do even better than that!

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