Say that three times fast!

What is in a name?  I don’t know – for some of my daylilies, I choose them partially for their Southwestern names.  Platinum Palette Pink Whispers was not picked for her name, though.  In fact, I paid no attention to her name.  What I know is that the garden shop had a 2 for $10 special on daylilies this spring.  I said no more, but I had an empty container due to loss of one of my bonus plants from last fall.  So, I got two different ones that were not Stella De Oro.  I really didn’t notice the tongue-twister name until I went to put this one in my software program.  Say that 3 times fast!


Platinum Palette Pink Whispers 6/12

My yard is getting so full of spikes.  It is seriously worrying me how I will handle the photography. And, the blog.  Posting every one, every day . . . that may get crazy cause I don’t get off until 8 PM.  Wondering about a weekly list of all the blooms?  I have done a collage, but then you can’t really pull up the individual photos later.  I don’t know, but I better figure in our because these blooms won’t be slowing down any time soon.  I have 3 dozen with scapes in the Southwest garden, alone.  Probably 60+ total in the whole yard.  I wonder how many I’ll have in bloom on the peak of the peak day?

Here are the other blooms for the day:


Kokopelli 6/12


Dream Keeper 6/12


Saratoga Springtime 6/12


Stella de Oro 6/12


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