Mountain Daylily Time

My current faculty position has me talking with students all over the United States – every time zone in the continental US.  I have to type my time zone and theirs into every note – twice.  This meeting and next meeting times.  I think a lot about time zones!

Daylily season brings a profound shift in my off-time schedule during the week.  I wake up earlier to take photos.  I also have to spray the orchids most mornings.  I prefer it when I can go for a run before work, too.  That means I am dead by the time I get off at 8 PM.  I walk the dogs, blog, go to bed.  And, the more blooms, the earlier I need to set my clock.  That is Mountain Daylily Time.

So, I surpassed 10 blooms in the yard today with some cool, new Ned Roberts southwest named spiders.  I love these flowers!  Talon has been with me going on 3 summers and has never bloomed.  The first year, she tried, but they dried up.  It is surprising that the blooms are this huge.  I organized my garden by the hight listed by the hybridizer.  This is in the front row – but it is Huge.  Can you see the talons?


Talon 6/17

Comanche Princess was a new add last fall after my first one died.  I like her curls!  It is beyond cool to finally get to see these blooms 3 years later.


Comanche Princess

The other first bloom (for this year – she usually blooms well) is Funny Valentine.  She has a million buds this year!  This is the first bloom in my side porch!  It is interesting, because I always thought of this area as my first bloom cycle area – hot, light.  The flowers just grew to maturity more quickly than the walkway garden out front.  With the tree gone and the new systems in the Southwest Garden – this is my new first bloom area.  Also, the driveway Rain Barrel Garden pots are now in the equation (added last year).


Funny Valentine

Other blooms today are as follows (some are tattered from the rain we got during the night):


Dark Mystery 6/17


Kokopelli 6/17


Indian Love Call 6/17


Canyon Colors 6/17


Purple Many Faces 6/17


Wineberry Candy 6/17


Stella de Oro 6/17


Saratoga Springtime 6/17

PS – Starting tomorrow, I will only blog about the new daylilies in bloom (including first bloom for 2018) for the day, but will list all the bloomers.  On Saturday or Sunday each week, I will add photos of all the bloomers for the week in my blog (with the date of bloom).  I will try to pick the best photo of each.  New year, new system! Pilot.  Because it is Mountain Daylily Time!

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