Today, the Rain Came

Today the rain came.  Not much rain . . . but enough to wet the soil and put some drops on the peddles of my bloomers.  It was cool, I worked in daylily labels.  I decided to put the same metal labels i have in the Southwest garden in all my daylilies.  I have too many, I gotta tell you.  Anyway, I ended up short labels for every daylily, so need to reorder.  My plastic labels did not hold up for year 3 – and I rearranged some of the plants in the walkway garden.  So, I have a few I won’t be sure of until the blooms come.  But, progress.


Today, I had the first 2018 bloom on Mesa Verde.  This flower was chosen because of her name.  Yes, once I figured out a lot had cool southwestern names, I went out of my way to find her.  The bloom is one of the most ruffly in my collection.  She didn’t even open all the way today . . . maybe the rain and cool weather.  Anyway, the bloom was in the division I put in the Southwest garden last fall.  My pot isn’t that close yet.


Mesa Verde 6/16

And, another very cool flower – Hope Jewel – opened in the Southwest Garden.  I love the colors on this one.  She was a gift plant a couple years ago.  She bloomed in 2016 and 2017, but her anemic looking blooms last year were one of my motivators to do the buried pots out there.


Hopi Jewel 6/16

Other blooms today follow:


Treasure of the Southwest 6/16


Stella de Oro 6/16


Saratoga Springtime 6/16


Indian Love Call 6/16


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