The Colorado Kid: Our blooming mascot

“Monday, Monday.  So good to me.”  When it comes to new blooms – the song rings true. I feel the peak drawing close now.

First of all, our blog mascot The Colorado Kid had her first 2018 bloom.  She seems to do well in my yard in a pot.  Many hybridizers say they don’t get the color that I get.  She is one of my near blues.  I love her deep colors so much.  Of course, her name is why I chose her.  Then, the blog got named after here.  This is her 3rd year blooming here!


The Colorado Kid 6/18

Then, Zuni Eye, one of my Ned Roberts southwest named daylilies bloomed for the first time ever here.  So many of his are spiders.  But she is a big, big round bloom.  I think I am in love!  She has been here 2-3 years, and she apparently likes the improvements to the Southwest Garden. Today, I finally met her.


Zuni Eye 6/18


Zuni Eye next to my hand

The other new bloom is out of the no-ID pot from the back corner garden.  I named the first one Dark Mystery.  This is the second cultivator from that big pot.  I am calling her Purple Mystique.


“Purple Mystique” (No-ID)

So, today I shift to only sharing new blooms.  I will have the full list for the week with photos each weekend.  FYI, the other blooms today were Dark Mystery, Saratoga Springtime, Purple Many Faces, Comanche Princess, Stella de Oro, and Treasure of the Southwest.

I have had 20 cultivators bloom thus far this year – of 170.  So, just over 10%.  By this date last year, I had 7 that had bloomed.  I have added a handful more, but I think I had 160 or so last year.  So, less than 5%.  It is all the Southwest Garden, the Border Garden and the Rainbarrel Garden that is boosting the total.  All of those were added or greatly upgraded last year when I decided to stop buying new daylilies and help the ones that I have to thrive.

I think tomorrow is going to be busy at 6:30 AM.  Good night!

2 thoughts on “The Colorado Kid: Our blooming mascot

  1. Tanya says:

    I’m so hoping you can help me get started with my own daylily garden plans- I’m super excited to build some “roots” finally and gardening is one of my passions!!

    Liked by 1 person

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