Twas the Night Before Solstice

It was a busy day in the garden.  I had 15 in bloom.  That means, when I get off work at 9 PM, I am running on empty and I have a lot of photos to edit.  They are a joy and I need to sleep.  So, I will keep it short.

Jungle Queen bloomed today for the first time in 2018.  She was one of my first Daylily Auction purchases.  I bought 3 daylilies (Jungle Queen, Quilt Patch, and Classy Lady) to learn how the system worked before it was time for the bids on Kokopelli to close.  I got all 4.  I love her big blooms.  I divided her last year and now have 2 pots in different places.  Should spread the blooms out over more weeks.


And, Painted Petroglyph produced a few buds with misshapen flowers.  I added her in the fall of 2016.  Today was her first attempt to bloom.  The insects obviously picked on her and her blooms are smaller than they should be.  That likely means something is making her roots weak.  She is in the section that didn’t all get put in buried pots.  I need to make a note to myself to dig her up and pot her this fall.  Probably some big tree root right there or something.  But, she is trying . . . at least she bloomed this year.  That is something. The bugs have been fairly low key this year with the spray, so they picked a weaker plant to eat.  I need to spray again, though.


Other bloomers today were Zuni Eye, Treasure of the Southwest, Purple Many Faces, Indian Love Call, Hopi Jewel, Mesa Verde, Blue Grass Music, Purple Mystique (no ID), Dark Mystery (no ID), Platinium Palet Pink Whispers, The Colorado Kid, Wineberry Candy, and Stella.  Tomorrow is the BIG day – the first bloom of Nurse’s Stethoscope – it’s half open already.  I can’t wait!

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