The Longest Daylily: Nurse’s Stethoscope

Drum roll . . . the day has come for the one and only daylily that I ever helped to name to bloom for the first time in my yard.  Nurse’s Stethoscope was born one day during the “Show me your stethoscope” incident on The View.  The incident went viral, and somehow my brain synapsed that Nurse’s Stethoscope would be a cool daylily name.  So, I suggested it on the National Daylily Society Facebook page.  And, from there one of the hybridizers with a medical background found a seedling and registered the name.  She may not be the longest daylily, but it is Summer Solstice and she is a BIG bloom.  She is my most expensive daylily . . . but I just had to have her as my self-nurturing with my annual bonus money.


I also had another mystery daylily open from the smaller pot of noID daylilies from the old back corner garden.  She is cute – kind of generic looking red daylily with striped petals.  I named her Red Riddle.  I suspect she may be a common one named Red Volunteer but there are so many, I doubt that I will ever know for sure.


It was a busy day, as solstice usually is in the daylily gardens. (And, an 11 hour work day.)  Bloomers today were Treasure of the Southwest, Purple Many Faces, Canyon Colors, Comanche Princess, Talon, Hopi Jewel, noID Dark Mystery, Wineberry Candy, Bluegrass Music, The Colorado Kid, Saratoga Springtime, Mesa Verde, Stella de Oro, Funny Valentine and Return a Smile.  Stay tuned for photos of all our bloomers for the week on Sunday.

Tomorrow is my early work day – then I leave camping.  Between now and work at 8 AM, I need to take a bath, pack, sleep, and take photos of about 20 cultivators that look ready to pop.  Some cool new ones – like Holy Sombrero and Pink Raindance.  And, so, Happy Solstice to all, and to all a goodnight!

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