Monday Flower Power

OMG, how did it get to be 10:30 PM?  Anyway – the day started as usual in the daylily gardens.  Three new faces today for 2018.  It was about 10 AM that my power crashed . . . right as I was starting to make my calls to students.  Our work phone system goes through the internet . . . and so everything was dead.  Well, except my dying cell phone that was hooked up to my charger.  From there, I tried to follow my calendar and make calls or send texts on my personal cell.  Of course, how much I could actually do with my notes and scheduler was very limited.  Power was out nearly 2 hours, took a while to catch up.

That said, I guess I survived my morning with flower power.  PS – I think that is why my phone batteries were so low when the power went out.

New blooms today – well, my old buddy Route 66 bloomed for the first time in 2018.  I got her after a roadtrip to Route 66 a few years back  . . . before I ordered online.  So, I was at a local nursery and sort of stunned to see the name on a daylily.  She came home and was in a planter in the driveway area for a couple years, but water was inconsistent.  So, last year, I added the rain barrel and solar drip system – now this is the Rain Barrel Garden. Route 66 is doing so much better the year.  She had 3 big blooms today.  She was the one to open my eyes to place named daylilies!  After that, I was hooked.


Route 66 6/25


Cheyenne Eyes was a brand new face in the Southwest Garden.  She is another pretty Ned Roberts spider.  Reminds me of a Native American rug design. It is her first bloom ever in my yard . . . another 3rd year is the charm.  I have to tell you that I love the huge blooms out there.  They really draw attention to the area that is a ways away from the sidewalk.


Cheyenne Eyes 6/25

And, Inwood is a first bloom for 2018 today.  I have had her for a few years.  She bloomed year 1 but not year 2.  Not enough water or sun, I decided.  Now she is thriving back in the Mural Garden on the drip system.


Inwood 6/25

As for tomorrow, more flower power.  I don’t know how many – but estimate 30 or so.  Oh, today’s other bloomers were Dream Keeper, Apache Bandana, Comanche Princess, Zuni Eye, Canyon Colors, Purple Many Faces, Treasure of the Southwest, Pink Rain Dance, Laughing Feather, Mesa Verde, Bluegrass Music, The Colorado Kid, Funny Valentine, Happy Returns, Ruby Spider, Return a Smile, Wild Horses, Purple Mystique, Red Riddle, Dark Mystery, Prairie Blue Eyes, and Stella de Oro.

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