Daylily Days Keep the Doctor Away

Daylilies are happy beings.  They bring smiles to the faces of passersby.  They give me something to look forward to all year . . . and every day.  I am sure they are good for my health.  Well, other than not enough sleep for a few weeks every year during peak.

Today, the doctor (well, nurse practitioner) was not kept away.  Time for a visit to check on some things.  Not all the news was good.  I am once again reminded that all my extra energy now needs to go into a resilience plan.  The daylilies are part of that plan.

So, I had a few new blooms today.  I think my favorite is Chokecherry Mountain.  It is another Ned Roberts spider.  I wasn’t sure at first if that name was really Southwestern – but I think it is named after a Mountain in Nevada, so that is good enough for me.  I love the patterns in the pedals.


Soco Gap also appeared in the Southwest Garden today.  Soco Gap is a Native American name and she was a gift plant my year of the pilot out there.  I stuck her small fans between 2 yuccas.  It was quite a surprise the first year when she got as big as the yuccas.  I can’t dig her up now without stabbing myself, so she stays.


Another favorite is Thin Man.  This was one of my first mail order daylilies.  I really had no idea the roots generally don’t bloom for a season, sometimes longer.  Thin Man has been a reliable bloomer.  I totally love the shape of this guy!


Ruby Stella was one I added to the pot with Route 66.  She bloomed forever the first year – into November.  No blooms last year.  She is in the Rain Barrel Garden, so she gets her drip, drip, drip now.  Curious to see is she does her late-blooming act this year.


Pink and Cream was a Lowe’s daylily that I picked up last year with Yellow Punch.  These are Stella hybrids.  Pink and Cream is my favorite of the two.  I like her flowing shape.


That’s all folks.  The other blooms today were Talon, Comanche Princess, Navajo Rodeo, Apache Bandana, Indian Love Call, Pueblo Dancer, Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, The Colorado Kid, Happy Returns, Stella, Jungle Queen, Route 66, Funny Valentine, Dark Mystery, Platinium Palette Pink Whispers, Wineberry Candy, Nurse’s Stethoscope, Zuni Eye, Pink Rain Dance, and Hopi Jewel.  Goodness, we are not even at peak yet, though the Southwest Garden is right on the cusp of that stage.  I am bummed the bugs got all but one bud on Rocky Mountain Pals.  Overall, though, it hasn’t been a bad bug year.


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