Friday’s Flowers!

Friday in the garden.  My early to work, early to get off day.  That means running around trying to get as many photos early as possible . . . because the UV cooks the blooms my noon.  We were in the 90s with single digit humidity, again.  Smoke in the air from several fires in the area.  And, still there are blooms.

So, the first one I want to talk about is Rocky Mountain Pals. I ended up with only one good bud and today was a first every bloom for this cultivator.  This is another Ned Roberts spider and has a special story.  I don’t claim to know it well, but I believe the hybridizer named it after the staff of cancer specialists toward the end of his life.  What a cool gratitude gift.


Rocky Mountain Pals 6/29

This story touches me know as I deal with my first ever cancer . . . a fairly easy to remove skin cancer.  Still, mortality somehow seems a little more real now.  Especially since I have been fighting fatigue for almost 2 years.  I think it is my work hours, but it is time for a work-up.  And, so, today this flower holds special meaning. Can’t wait to get to the surgeon!

The other first time Ned Roberts spider is Purple Grasshopper.  Sometimes, I would look at the names of these flowers and try to figure out if they were southwestern enough for my theme.  I decided we had enough grasshoppers out here that it counted.  Still, I didn’t realize today that this bloom looks like you are looking a purple grasshopper right in the face.  Do you see it?


Purple Grasshopper 6/29

Lastly, one of my minis did bloom.  This is another first ever in my yard.  Petite Petticoats.  I think this came as a bonus with Santa’s Pants late last summer.  I decided to put a bucket of minis together in the Mural Garden.  So, she is the first bloom in the bucket.  I like the color mix.


Petite Petticoats 6/29

So, all day I have been watching Happy Hopi and Papa Longlegs.  These spiders start blooming the day before they actually bloom.  They were open by this evening and a little saggy from the heat of today.  I hope they revive a little in the cool night air, because tomorrow is their bloom day.  I want some good photos.  I need to get up early.  Oh, yea, exhaustion.  Well, sort of early.

Other bloomers today were Purple Many Faces, Cheyenne Eyes, Laughing Feather, Indian Love Call, Navajo Rodeo, Canyon Colors, Comanche Princess, Talon, Apache Bandana, Prairie Blue Eyes, Dark Mystery, Red Riddle (who I am starting to suspect is a second Early Bird Cardinal – I will compare when my labeled one opens – maybe tomorrow), Stella, Wineberry Candy, The Colorado Kid, Mesa Verde, Happy Returns, Alabama Jubilee, Pink and Cream, Yellow Punch, Jungle Queen, Nurse’s Stethoscope, Wild Horses, Ruby Spider, Return a Smile, Lady Fingers, Funny Valentine and Passionate Returns.

And, the Walkway Garden is barely starting to bloom.  The Southwestern Garden is maybe 1/3 done.  The Mural and Driveway Garden are pretty much peaking now.  Fifty-seven of 175 have bloomed.  We are at 31% bloom rate and it is not even July yet.  This time last year, we were at 27. So far, we have more than doubled our bloom rate!  And, the odd part is that the Walkway Garden is later to bloom this year.  I think better buds and more flowers this time.

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