Here comes the peak.  Thirty-seven bloomers today – Six new ones.  Well, five, but I am going to highlight Papa Long Legs, again.  Because his first bloom was not his best.  So, here he is today.  He totally lives up to his name!


Papa Long Legs 6/30

And, as I said yesterday, Happy Hopi was in the blooming process.  She ended up with some awesome blooms today – I have never seen her before in my yard.  Another first.  I am now up to 21 Ned Roberts spiders that have bloomed.  I hope to double that.  But, I only had like 12 all of last year.  So, those buried pots matter.


Happy Hopi 6/30

The other new Roberts spider (another very first bloom) is Black Arrowhead.  She reminds me of Apache Bandana.  Somewhere I have all the genetics for this family of daylily – I need to look to see who is related to who.  But, probably not until the peak slows some.


Black Arrowhead 6/30

The next two are family flowers.  In the Walkway Garden, I have a small Family Garden section.  It is inspiring, spiritual, and sad to me . . . all at once.  Many of my family have passed (I am the baby of the family whose mom was nearly 40 when she gave birth).  Others and just estranged or distant.  I wish it was different, but I have always been the resilient one.  Sometimes that means aging solo.  But the garden brings me to a place of remembering the positives I got from my family.

So, today a first bloom of Catherine Irene.  My mom’s name was Catherine Irene.  This flower has done so much better in a buried container . . . first bloom after 3 summers here.  She is a pretty little mini!


Catherine Irene 6/30

And, speaking of minis, Mini Pearl showed up today.  My mom’s mom (my grandma) was named Mini Pearl.  She is a reliable bloomer and I am sure I will need to divide her come fall.


Mini Pearl 6/30

I also had my first Electric Lizard for the year.  This plant struggles in my yard.  Only 2 buds this year.  None last year, I don’t think.  One the year prior.  I love this bloom and wish it liked me better.  Maybe more miracle grow this fall?


Electric Lizard 6/30

Last, but not least, is cute little Early Bird Cardinal.  She has been a reliable bloomer over the years, although only gave me a couple blooms last year.  Many buds this year.  I was thinking the one I named Red Riddle might be an Early Bird Cardinal – but I don’t think so now.  Look at the side-by-side of today’s blooms. I think Early Bird is smaller, rounder, and rufflier.  I don’t know for sure, thought.


Early Bird Cardinal 6/30


Red Riddle 6/30

OK – other bloomers (are you ready?) – Purple Many Faces, Indian Love Call, Pink Rain Dance, Cheyenne Eyes, Navajo Rodeo, Chokecherry Mountain, Cherokee Princess, Hopi Jewel, Holy Sombrero, Pueblo Dancer, Black Ice, Soco Gap, Aztec Firebird, Zuni Thunderbird,  Prairie Blue Eyes, Red Riddle, Purple Mystique, Mesa Verde, Canyon Colors, Bluegrass Music, The Colorado Kid, Happy Returns, Lady Fingers, Yellow Punch, Jungle Queen, Route 66, Ruby Stella, Nurse’s Stethoscope, Strutter’s Ball, Wild Horses, Inwood, Chaco Canyon, Funny Valentine, and Return a Smile.

Tomorrow, it will be quite a roll-call for the week.  But next week will be even crazier.  And fitting in medical appointments . . . But, I would not miss the peak bloom for the world.  Tomorrow, we will hear from Primal Scream!

So, that is 62 of 175 (ish) – 35% bloom rate so far.  Man . . . we have a ways to go!

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