The Company They Keep

Today brought 40+ blooming cultivators to the yard.  The interesting thing is that only two of these were new faces for 2018.  It is safe to say it is the peak!  One of the things I love about looking at photos of the peak is that there are lots of other flowers in the background of a lot of the photos.  It isn’t always other daylilies, either.  The daisies and bluebells add interest.  (I hate how invasive the bluebells are – the pots are helping.)

So, new blooms are Heron’s Cove.  She was added Fall of 2016 and bloomed last year.  I had her in the Near Blue section of the Walkway Garden, but she didn’t look that blue.  So, I up-potted her and moved her to the NW corner of the house with Mesa Verde, Canyon Colors, and El Desperado.  I’ve decided to call it the Garden at Pooh Corner.  She looks way bluer to me this year. Maybe it is she gets less sun here.  Or, maybe she looks bluer away from the other near blue daylilies.


Heron’s Cove 7/5

There was also another tiny bloom from Pooh Corner . . . Purple de Oro.  She is such a generic looking mini.  I have considered getting rid of her . . . and I had 2 for awhile.  But, there is something cute about her petite purple smile.


Purple de Oro 7/5

OK – so it is late and tomorrow is my early work day.  And, I leave to camp tomorrow so need to finish packing.  There was no internet there last year, so I may not be able to post until Sunday. There will, no doubt, be new faces by then.  I am beat . . . need shut-eye. Adding daylilies to my beat-the-clock schedule is rough right now . . . but, I feel it is a positive, too.


Southwest Garden at Peak

Other blooms today were: Purple Many Faces, Comanche Princess, Navajo Rodeo, Papa LongLegs, Holy Sombrero, Soco Gap, Black Ice, Hopi Jewel, Dream Catcher, Aztec Firebird, Happy Hopi, Prairie Blue Eyes, Purple Mystique, Red Riddle, Lady Fingers, Canyon Colors, The Colorado Kid, Mildred Mitchell, Jungle Queen, Pick of the Litter, Prelude to Love, Catherine Irene, Mini Pearl, Isaac, Stephanie Returns, Happy Returns, Ruby Spider, Thin Man, Passionate Returns, Mellow Balls, Route 66, Ruby Stella, Yellow Punch, Black-eyed Susan, Stella de Oro, Nurse’s Stethoscope, Strutter’s Ball, Chaco Canyon, Wild Horses, Return a Smile, Funny Valentine.  I think that is it.

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