Yanky Doodle Daylilies

Blooming on the 4th of July . . . four more cultivators!  That means we have already had the same number different daylilies bloom that we did all season last year.  Those buried pots help . . . this is an extreme drought and we had a better bloom rate.  Still, in adding 2018 photos to my daylily software, there are a lot we have not seen yet this year.  I don’t know if some are slow or some are recuperating from the move to the pots.  I am about to tag the non-bloomers for more bloom boost fertilizer this fall.  Still . . . this is a marked improvement because we have many, many with scapes that have not bloomed yet.  The fireworks have just begun!  Any guesses on final bloom rate?  I am going to say around 80%.  That

So, new today for the first time ever in my yard are a couple more Ned Roberts spiders.  My bloom rate with those babies is making a huge difference in the overall bloom rate. Anyway, I mentioned earlier that Zuni Thunderbird is my all-around favorite.  She has disappointed some this year.  She got off to a bad start but rebounded after bug spray.  I think it affected her buds.   That said, one of the newbies today reminds me of her – Raven Woodsong.  She has the dark colors and amazing curls that I miss in Zuni Thunderbird this year (so far).


The other new Roberts spider is Wild Rose Fandango.  Now, she has some crazy curls and had a double bloom day one.  I like her, too.  Welcome to the yard, finally . . . year 3 for both the spiders.


Just Plum Happy was one of my first daylilies.  She was in a planter box with Ruby Spider and Return a Smile.  She was little and she struggled.  This is first year in several that she has bloomed.  I gave her a pot of her own last year, and she even hangs from my front porch . . . sort of a special place for her now.


Last, but not least, is Longlesson Showoff.  This was a bonus flower that bloomed for the first time last year.  She is a big daylily and brightens the Walkway Garden for several weeks.


That is it . . . mellow 4th.  Not a ton of energy.  Was late to the parade.  Didn’t take photos.  Did go for lunch on the brewery.  Then home to water and do the blog.  Now, maybe a walk for ice cream after my sandwich leftovers.  I dreamt of my Southwest Garden – it was about huge, colorful blooms.  Actually, they really do stand out.


Here are the Yankee Doodle Daylilies of today: Talon, Black Ice, Chokecherry Mountain, Pink Rain Dance, Zuni Thunderbird, Purple Grasshopper, Aztec Firebird, Dream Catcher, Chaco Canyon, Treasure of the Southwest, Dark Mystery, Prairie Blue Eyes, Bluegrass Music, The Colorado Kid, Mesa Verde, Mildred Mitchell, Jungle Queen, Prelude to Love, Stephanie Returns, Ruby Spider, Return a Smile, Funny Valentine, Petite Petticoats, Nurse’s Stethoscope, Passionate Returns, Primal Scream.


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