Quick and Dirty

Today has been a little crazy and I had business stuff to work on after I got off at 8 PM.  Oh, and then I go to download photos and I got 80 something today.  Overkill because Zuni Thunderbird looked so good.  Tomorrow, i have a morning doctor’s appointment in the city, so tonight is quick and dirty.

New blooms – Mama Cuna is a Ned Roberts spider that I added in the last couple years.  First bloom today.  She is big and purple.  Looks like Purple Many Faces!


Mama Cuna 7.10

Adios Albuquerque was another of Ned’s blooms – this is a second year for her here.  Need more water for more buds in the Southwest Garden.  Come on, Monsoons.


Adios Albuquerque 7.10

Hesperus is a first-ever bloom.  I got her a few years ago, but she didn’t bloom until I moved her to the Rain Barrel Garden this year.


Hesperus 7.10

El Desperado is an old favorite.  She lights up Pooh Corner with Heron’s Cove, Canyon Colors and Mesa Verde.  Quite a show!


El Desperado 7.10

Tomorrow maybe no new bloomers.  I can rest.  Oh, we will have blooms.  I think it was 54 today.  I am not listing them because tonight is quick and dirty.

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